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`General InfoMidnight came to CCR rescue as a stray in the winter of 2020. He had very sore eyes which required a specialist operation on his lower eyelids. After surgery and a few weeks in hospital, he was discharged, ready to finally be rehomed. Unfortunately, Midnight didn’t take kindly to being confined and escaped the night he came home! He made sure he removed his surgical collar and ate every scrap of food before making his escape. We have been looking for him ever since and never gave up on one day finding him. To our absolute surprise and delight, Midnight was picked up not far from the rescue in Barnton – a concerned member of the public had reported a cat in distress crying and having weepy eyes. At last we were finally reunited with Houdini Midnight! Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we have been unable to trace the kind person who has obviously been caring for him during this time so that we can thank them.
Health infoMidnight has had an operation on his lower eyelids due to ingrowing eyelashes. He may need eye drops.
Litter TrainingYes
Behavioural InfoNo remarks
Children/dogsUnsure. No dogs
Other catsMidnight would be best suited to being an only cat
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