Rehoming Your Pet

Our Home-from-Home Rehoming Policy

If you are thinking about rehoming your cat(s), please read this section carefully to make the process as smooth as possible for you and us. 

Sometimes, we are asked for help in rehoming cats (or other animals!) by owners that can no longer look after them for various reasons. We understand it is not an easy decision to make to rehome a pet and we are a judgement-free rescue. We have this separate policy in place for animals that we ‘home-from-home’ – by which we mean animals that are rehomed directly from a previous owner, not through our pens. We felt this necessary for the protection of us as a small non-profit, yourself and most importantly the animals.

  • We offer home-from-home adoption in exceptional cases only as our focus is on stray and/or mistreated animals. 

  • All home-from-home adoptions are to be done through CCR and advertised by us only. We can not accept personal rehoming adverts on our page or group. This is to avoid confusion and animals ending up with the wrong people, which unfortunately happens frequently when animals are given away for free and/or through improper channels. 
  • We now require a donation fee of £40 before we can advertise your cat/s for rehoming. This is because we are providing a service that takes up valuable time and resources, which unfortunately some people seek to take advantage of. We operate on your kind donations alone and are unpaid volunteers. This covers set-up & admin.

  • Should you feel this applies to you and you are willing to pay the donation fee, you can then kindly fill out the form at the bottom of this page to give us as many details on your cat(s) as possible, to ensure we can get them a fantastic new home as soon as we can. Should we feel we can help, we will get in touch regarding the donation payment. 

  • Upon receipt of the donation fee and your filled out rehoming form, we will advertise your pet and forward any suitable applications to you where you can then make judgement calls on any applicants. We recommend vetting any applications very carefully to ensure a great match. 

  • If you happen to find a home via other means, we will be unable to refund this donation. Please let us know ASAP if you have found a home via other means.

Thank you! Should you have an questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.