About CCR

We are Cosy Cats Rescue, a non-profit organisation run by unpaid volunteers based in Northwich, Cheshire. We started CCR in November 2019 when we opened a Facebook group to rehome cats – we were amazed to see how much we grew in such a short time and how much incredible support we had from our lovely group members. We cover Northwich and surrounding areas, however we have also taken in cats from further afield. We are local people who absolutely love cats and animals in general. 

Our Aims

Our main aim is to rehabilitate and rehome the cats that come to us in need – whether they are ill, abandoned or have been neglected or mistreated. Many of these animals have been through trauma and are sometimes very unwell. We provide them with a cosy bed and relaxing environment where we can socialise and rehabilitate them whilst regaining their confidence and trust in humans, as well as provide any treatments that may be necessary until we feel they are ready to move on to live with their furever families. We absolutely love to see photos and updates on their progress after they leave us! 

  • Our vision is for every cat to have the cosy home and understanding they deserve. 
  • We will arrange for top-quality veterinary checks and if necessary treatment for our cats. We would never put a cat to sleep unless it was in their very best medical interests. 
  • Every cat in our care will leave us chipped, neutered/spayed, vaccinated and protected against fleas & worms. 
  • We will match the right home to the right cat – we thoroughly vet any and all adoption applications we receive. 
  • We respect and value our supporters and volunteers. 
  • We aim to educate the public on animal welfare for cats including the importance of neutering/spaying. 

Our Pens

Our pens have just had a revamp! As you can see we are a cosy little rescue but our cats are very comfortable in their fully equipped (paw) pads! We provide each cat with what they need – they love playing with their toys and listening to tunes on the radio with Elaine!