Our Policy & Fees

Our Cosy Cats Rehoming Policy

This section covers rehoming done through our Cosy Cats pens only. To view the policies on cats rehomed ‘home-from-home’, please see the bottom of the page.

You must fill out an adoption application form before adopting any cat or kitten from/via us – this is for our records and the safety of the animals in our care. This also helps us determine the most suitable cat for you if your application is successful. We love a match made in heaven!

  • We vet check all of our cats. All cats and kittens are rehomed subject to an adoption donation – you can see details of the cost and what this includes further down the page.
  • No cats or kittens are to be rehomed near busy roads – with your permission when filling out our adoption application form, we carry out road checks on your address. This is usually done via Google Maps. We may need to arrange a home visit.

We care a lot about the cats and kittens in our care so we are quite choosy when it comes to selecting the ‘purrfect’ home – it is more about finding the home suitable for a cat rather than a cat suitable for the home! We may seem like a larger rescue from the outside, but we are a tiny team of volunteers who get hundreds of applications and messages using our spare time to help the animals that need us. Please do not be offended if we do not reply to your enquiry or if we decline to home a particular cat with you.  We always keep suitable homes on file and will contact potential adopters in the future should the right cat come along!

We get a lot of messages specifying sex, age, coat type, fur colour etc. Please understand due to our cosy size we only have 3 pens and it’s very unlikely we will be able to come up with a cat that suits all specifics. This also bumps you right to the bottom of the list as there are adopters who just want to open their heart to a cat that speaks to them. The ONLY cats we have up for adoption will be on our website which is updated daily.

Our Adoption Fee

We are a completely unfunded volunteer run non-profit organisation, so we thank you for understanding why we have to ask for an adoption donation. We feel our fee is great value, especially when the costs of each individual procedure are taken into account. This is to help us continue our work and ensure all of our cats and kittens leave us in the best possible shape, ready for their new adventure! 

Our adoption fee is currently (no less than) £140 which covers: 

  • Fleaing
  • Worming
  • Vaccinations
  • Chipping
  • Neuter/spay

If you have any questions about our policies or fee please get in touch via the Contact Us page or you can message any admin or moderator on our Facebook group!

Home-from-Home Adoptions

This brief section covers adoptions carried out home-from-home, i.e. cats that have not been through our pens. If you are looking to rehome a cat home-from-home, please see our Rehoming Your Pet page. 

  • We regret that we can not accept any responsibility for home-from-home adoptions or any issues that might arise from them. Should you have issues with a home-from-home animal you have adopted via an advert on our page, please get in touch with the previous owner. Because home-from-home animals do not go through our intake, we can only go by what the previous owner said regarding their behaviours and health as this is often our only input. 

Thank you! Should you have an questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.