Rosie update

How pretty is Rosie? Rosie’s babies have now all flown the nest and left for their lovely furever homes. They are all doing so well – you can see updates on them from their new owners on our Facebook group. It is now Rosie’s turn to go to her furever home and relax without her rambunctious kittens 😂! She is currently reserved, we have our fingers crossed for her ❤

Holly & Ivy update

Holly & Ivy are now doing well with their health thanks to the Willows’ vet treatment and are now hoping to find a foster they can go to for assessment with a view to go into a furever home together ❤ if you think you could give these girls the home they deserve after their bad start, please do fill out an application on our website or let us know if you’ve already filled one out for another cat but are interested.

Eddie update

Remember lovely Eddie the stray? He is officially a foster ‘failure’ and will be staying in his fantastic furever home. We’re so pleased for this gorgeous little boy!

Ruby surgery update

Ruby came to us 4 weeks ago following an RTA. Fortunately, following her assessment yesterday after 4 weeks of cage rest and pain management after treatment, the vets are confident they have saved her leg. Unfortunately, they discovered Ruby had a tail-pull injury. She had lost all feeling in her tail and the weight of it was causing swelling in her spine, so the vets thought it best to amputate. She has now had her surgery and is recovering with a further 2 weeks cage rest, after which her surgical pins will be removed. We hope Ruby recovers well and we can’t wait to see her in a forever home. 

Rosie’s babies update

Rosie’s babies are doing amazingly! All 4 kittens now have a home lined up for when they leave us in a few weeks. Their Mum, lovely tabby Rosie will be available when they have gone to their homes, we hope she gets the rest & relaxation she deserves after raising these naughty babies! 😂

Thanks all for your continued support of Cosy Cats Rescue

Ruby update

Lovely little Ruby came to us after she sadly had an RTA. Ruby has had an operation in an attempt by the vets to save her back leg. She is on 4 weeks cage rest, after which the vets will know if the operation to save her leg has been successful or not. We will keep you updated on her progress. Ruby will be up for adoption when she is all healed up, so if you would like to register your interest, please do fill out our adoption form
Thank you all for your continued support of our rescue efforts!

Holly & Ivy/Rosie & Babies update

Hi all! Just an update to show you what we’ve been up to and a little appeal.
Up for adoption soon will be Holly & Ivy (Black and tabby adults) who have slowly been regaining their health with vet treatment.
Rosie’s kittens will soon be litter training! How time flies! Any donations of wood chip litter would be massively appreciated to help them along. 3x kittens are now reserved, 1x male kitten is still available – we are still accepting applications on our website. Rosie will also be available for rehoming when the babies are ready to go and she is spayed. 
As it stands, our funds are at an acceptable level, but they are slowly depleting as we take on more cats and kittens. Your continued support is what keeps us afloat and we are so very grateful and constantly bowled over by our supporters kindness.
It means the world to us that you all keep buying raffle tickets, making one-off donations, setting up regular donations and many more acts of kindness. To find out how to do this and more please see our How You Can Help page
🐾 Jade @ CCR 💕