Pebbles 🌈

It is with heavy hearts that we have to inform our supporters that Pebbles (our latest litter of kittens’ Mum) has crossed the rainbow bridge (04/11/2022). This is the sad reality for previously unloved, unspayed cats. We had hoped that now her babies are old enough, she could be spayed and enjoy the rest of her life in a forever home, but unfortunately this has not been the case. We can not express the importance of spaying/neutering enough. Pebbles’ babies will soon be ready for their forever homes – we are very glad they are all happy and healthy.
Pebbles was only 2 years old and all she had known before she came to Cosy Cats Rescue was a life of giving birth to kittens. She was discarded and thrown onto the streets after her owners discovered she was once again pregnant. Whilst with us, she gave birth to 5 adorable black kittens, whom she was very protective of when they were newly born. She was a fantastic Mum! The kittens are now 7 weeks old – Pebbles had weaned them, taught them how to use the litter tray and watched them play and grow. She continued to give them a loving wash.
Elaine noticed Pebbles was having breathing issues, so she was taken to The Willows veterinary practice for investigation. She was given x-rays, had her blood taken and was given oxygen to assist with her breathing whilst the vets tried to get to the bottom of her problems. IV antibiotics, fluids and steroids were administered in an attempt to save her, but sadly this was not meant to be – her lungs had given up due to her having pneumonia. This has left us with sad and heavy hearts yet again – no matter how many times we see this happen, it still breaks us, especially Elaine who gives so much in caring for these cats day to day and bonds with each and every one of them.
As you can probably imagine, we are faced with another high vet bill; we appreciate any and all help from our supporters, whether this be in the form of a direct donation, items such as wood pellet litter or gravy cat food pouches (both of which we are running low on at the moment), or just simply sharing our posts. You can find details on our donation options as well as our Amazon Wishlist on our website ( and details about Pebbles’ babies and the adoption process also. We have drop-off points should you wish to buy items elsewhere such as Pets at Home to donate to us directly (we recommend Pet Barn in Anderton for good prices)
Thank you
The Cosy Cats Rescue team