Puss Puss’ Story

EDIT: Unfortunately since this post was made, Puss Puss has sadly passed away. Run free Puss Puss ??

Please enjoy the rescue story of Puss Puss, written by Elaine, who dedicates so much of her time to giving our cats the care they deserve.

“The story of a grey cat called Puss Puss who inspired me to dedicate as much time as possible to help animals in need.

I first came across Puss Puss (the name I called when putting out her food) about 12 years ago when I was working at a Car Sales dealership on Manchester Road, Northwich. She was living wild in bushes next to a nearby pub. I kept seeing dead kittens on the road alongside the woods which, sadly, must have been her babies. I kept going to feed her each day for months and desperately wanted to catch her but she was so scared and kept her distance whilst I put down the food. Eventually, I sought the help of John and Pat – members of a local Charity called Tails Animal Rescue – as it was obvious Puss Puss was again heavily pregnant. John and Pat set a trap to catch Puss Puss. After a few hours patiently waiting they heard the trap close only to find not Puss Puss but a little tabby kitten! Puss Puss had obviously decided to let the kitten try it out first! They brought the kitten to me and then tried the trap again. Puss Puss was now wise to the trap so we had no alternative but to try and grab her! John sat in the car whilst Pat and I waited for Puss Puss to come for her feed, as by now she was more confident around humans and would allow us to stroke her. At this point, the heavens opened and Pat and I looked like drowned rats whilst we waited patiently for Puss Puss. Pat said after the count of 3 I’m going to grab her and throw her through the car window to John. This she did with precision timing only to find John had left the window shut!! After screaming “open the window” Puss Puss was thrown through the window and onto John’s Lap! Puss Puss was now safe at last. She didn’t take kindly to seeing her sibling as she now had other things on her mind – giving birth at any time. She went on to produce 7 gorgeous babies. On seeing them for the first time I asked her “can I have a look” and she gently rubbed her face onto my had as if to say “of course I love and trust you”

I decided to keep the Tabby kitten, who I named sunshine, as she was semi-feral and very timid. You can see a picture of her today on our residents’ photo page. Puss Puss is sadly dying of cancer. (She is pictured on the back of my sofa enjoying her last days with me) She is still eating well, loves the cat soup which was kindly donated to us and fresh chicken my husband cooked for her (long-suffering I might add!)

Thank you for taking the time to read Puss Puss’ story, my inspiration, and for all your kind thoughts and donations. 

We wish everyone the very best at this very difficult time and please all stay well.

Love from all the fur babes and volunteers at COSY CAT RESCUE.”