Daisy & Iris

How gorgeous are these two girls? Info being updated!

NameDaisy & Iris
AgeYoung girls. They are 12m+
General InfoWe think they may be mother & daughter! ❤️
Health infoSpayed, microchipped and first vacs
Litter Training
Behavioural InfoThey are very gentle natured and loving. Although currently living together are quite independent so don't necessarily need to be homed together
Other cats


Ellie has come to us as unfortunately the elderly lady that was feeding her has passed. She is a lovely girl but currently very shy so looking for an understanding foster. Her info will be completed as we gather it.

General Info
Health info
Litter Training
Behavioural Info
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Ivy is now looking for her furever home! 

Ageapprox 10 months
General InfoIvy came to us from a sad situation along with Holly (now rehomed). She is a playful girl who can't wait to explore her new home with you!
Health infoShe came to us in poor health but has been given vet treatment and is doing very well.
Indoor/OutdoorIvy will eventually want to explore outdoors.
Litter TrainingYes
Behavioural Info
Children/dogsUnsure/no dogs
Other catsIvy would prefer to be homed alone, as her personality has shone through now her sister has been rehomed. She could possibly be rehomed with another young cat as she is very playful!

*URGENT* Foster Needed (Jess)

We are desperately searching for a foster home for Jess who is currently struggling to adjust to life in the pens. She is a very stressed, scared girl who will need an understanding preferably experienced foster home. We feel she would benefit massively from being back in a home environment to bring her stress levels down and let the lovely cat she is deep down shine back through. 

Rosie update *ADOPTED*

How pretty is Rosie? Rosie’s babies have now all flown the nest and left for their lovely furever homes. They are all doing so well – you can see updates on them from their new owners on our Facebook group. It is now Rosie’s turn to go to her furever home and relax without her rambunctious kittens 😂! She is currently reserved, we have our fingers crossed for her ❤

Holly & Ivy update

Holly & Ivy are now doing well with their health thanks to the Willows’ vet treatment and are now hoping to find a foster they can go to for assessment with a view to go into a furever home together ❤ if you think you could give these girls the home they deserve after their bad start, please do fill out an application on our website or let us know if you’ve already filled one out for another cat but are interested.

Eddie update

Remember lovely Eddie the stray? He is officially a foster ‘failure’ and will be staying in his fantastic furever home. We’re so pleased for this gorgeous little boy!

Ruby surgery update

Ruby came to us 4 weeks ago following an RTA. Fortunately, following her assessment yesterday after 4 weeks of cage rest and pain management after treatment, the vets are confident they have saved her leg. Unfortunately, they discovered Ruby had a tail-pull injury. She had lost all feeling in her tail and the weight of it was causing swelling in her spine, so the vets thought it best to amputate. She has now had her surgery and is recovering with a further 2 weeks cage rest, after which her surgical pins will be removed. We hope Ruby recovers well and we can’t wait to see her in a forever home. 


Jess was being rehomed ‘home-from-home’ due to a change in circumstances but has now been taken in and is being rehomed through our pens. Jess has found it very hard to adjust to being in the pens, with her stress directed towards being in the vicinity of the cats in the other pens. She has come on really well with lots of socialisation and now happily plays and accepts strokes, which she loves. The following info has been compiled between info provided by her previous owners and our assessment:

General InfoJess would prefer a quieter home.

(Unfortunately she is struggling in the pens and needs a foster/understanding home ASAP. She is slowly coming around with lots of socialisation.)
Health infoGood health, has been wormed and flead, chipped
Indoor/OutdoorBoth – Jess likes to spend plenty of time outdoors when it’s warm, but happily comes inside for hours when it’s cold.
Litter TrainingYes
Behavioural InfoShe can be jittery around excited children
Children/dogsJess has never really been around children or dogs

17/09/21: Jess has come on absolutely amazingly. She now readily approaches for strokes and purrs happily. She loves being petted. She has peacefully greeted another cat! She can’t wait for her furever home.