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Age12 years
General InfoTilly is a lovely, friendly and affectionate girl. She was signed over to our rescue as her owners sadly no longer wanted her and her brother. She is now looking for her forever retirement home. She would be best suited to a quiet home with a family who will spend as much time with her as possible to she can have all the attention she deserves!
Health infoNo health issues have been reported whilst being in our care
Indoor/OutdoorIndoor and outdoor
Litter TrainingYes
Behavioural InfoTilly has been very well behaved during her stay in the rescue although she can be quite vocal which we feel is a result of the upheaval at this stage in her life and having lost her freedom
Children/dogsTilly would be best suited to home where she will be the only pet and with older children
Other catsTilly is very stressed when she sees the other cats and we were advised she didn’t particularly get along with her brother so we would say she would need to be the only pet
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